Professional Mattress Cleaning & Sanitation

We would not dream of sleeping in the same sheets or duvet covers week after week, yet mattresses rarely or never get cleaned. Our professional cleaning service rids mattresses of dust mites and their eggs, destroys all unpleasant odours, germs and bacteria and leaves mattresses clean and fresh for a wonderful, restful sleep.


What we offer

We use a cleaning process called hot water extraction, which gives a deep invigorating clean right into the mattress. The hot water and specialist cleaning agents kill mites and mould, removing soiling and most surface staining, leaving mattresses hygienically clean, fresh and dry within a few hours.
We can also apply a post-treatment on request, to help keep those unwanted dust mites away.


Why choose us?

  • Our hot water extraction cleaning process, kills 99.9% mould, dust mites and bacteria – leaving your mattress smelling fresh and hygienically clean
  • Your professionally cleaned mattress will be dry within a few hours
  • We have post-treatment applications which can help prevent the return of dust mites
  • We kill dust mites & bed bugs
  • We protects your mattress from allergens
  • Our cleaning promotes air quality for asthma sufferers
  • All of our treatments are Safe For Children & Pets


Regardless of whether you are an asthma sufferer, wouldn’t you sleep more easily knowing your mattress was fresh and hygienically clean?


To find out more about our highly competitive mattress cleaning services, call us for a free no obligation quotation or request a call back.


*Please note: Urine neutralization and blood stain removal is subject to extra charge. Although every effort will be made we cannot guarantee removal of any stain.

Mattress Cleaning & Sanitation


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